Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Are you guys still there?

Are you guys still there?  That is a question we have received several times over the past year, “I noticed your Facebook and twitter have not been that active lately”.  The answer is Yes, CPM Camera Rigs is still here albeit in low profile mode for the better part of that year.  As most of you know we had most of our Rig and support designs copied.  It was a significant impact on me personally, as designer of all the CPM camera gear I took it as a very personal attack on my intellectual property and legal rights.  A real fear that any new product that CPM camera rigs released would quickly and illegally be copied kept us in a holding pattern.   After careful evaluation of our legal protection, increasing where needed, we feel more confident in that protection in both current and future designs and are ready to move forward.
 Things are about to get very busy.  How so?   CPM has grown, doubled in size actually.  With the extra space a studio space is being set-up.  Instructional videos, tips and suggestion will be covered once the studio is up and running.  Our Pro line of camera rigs is something we are very excited to show people and of course updates and improvements to our current line of camera rigs and gear has been non-stop over the past year!

Smart Phone and action camera accessories?  Yup!  We got them. From simple hand held iPhone grips and cases to a collapsible shoulder rig.  Our new Compact mini mount feels right at home with an iPhone but expandable enough for a DSLR. Small enough to fit in a pocket but robust enough to accept a DSLR and all CPM camera rigs accessories!  And that’s just a taste of the items in the works!  Be sure to like our Facebook page and subscribe to our newsletter on our web site for promotional items and discount coupon codes!  

As always thank you for your confidence in CPM Camera rigs gear and components.  We know you have several sources when it comes to outfitting you camera needs and appreciate your support!  


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